\ Uhm...what did we win?
Uhm...what did we win?
My name is Adia and I wish I lived in Greece.
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i just saw a science fact and thought ‘thats probably not real’ so i guess im a republican now. im going to go buy a gun and not please my wife in bed.

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”[This] is unbelievable and it’s all thanks to you guys.”
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These past few days have been awful. Regret is probably the worst feeling. Don’t take people for granted because even if you feel like they are invincible they can be taken from you in a second. I’m so sorry I was so mean about not wanting to be with you sophomore year. I was so pissed off and disgusted by you and I hardly remember why. I don’t have anymore texts from you on my phone or any pictures to remember you by and it sucks. I miss you.

P.S I watched Dirty Dancing 

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Is IKEA even real
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affection is dumb and gross 
drown me in it

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